martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Mad - For Dancin' - 28 Superhits Nonstop

Aqui les dejo un Extra Amigos de Studio54 .

Mad - For Dancin' - 28 Superhits Nonstop

Label:           Hansa International
Format:        Vinyl, LP, Album
Country:       Germany
Released:     May 1983
Genre:          Electronic, Pop
Style:           Disco

       Tracklists :

A1.-   Mad For Dancin' (Part I)               0:44   
A2.-   Billie Jean                                   1:40   
A3.-   Let's Dance                                 1:40   
A4.-   Passion                                       1:40   
A5.-   Eye In The Sky                            1:35   
A6.-   Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi     1:30   
A7.-   The Bushman                              1:40   
A8.-   Too Shy                                      1:40   
A9.-   Wot                                            1:49   
A10.-  Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life     1:40   
A11.-  Down Under                                1:40   
A12.-  Boonoonoonoos                           1:42   
A13.-  Do You Really Want To Hurt Me     1:37   
A14.-  Just An Illusion                            1:26
B1.-   Mad For Dancin'                           0:45   
B2.-   I Don't Wanna Dance                    1:40   
B3.-   Electric Avenue                            1:40   
B4.-   Hand's Up                                   1:15   
B5.-   Don't Go                                     1:13   
B6.-   Don't You Want Me                      1:38   
B7.-   Abracadabra                               1:37   
B8.-   Eye Of The Tiger                         1:28   
B9.-   Saddle Up (And Ride Your Pony)   1:28   
B10.-  Moonlight                                   1:42   
B11.-  On The Road Again                     1:34   
B12.-  Mad For Dancin'                          0:44   
B13.-  Meditation                                  1:41   
B14.-  Born Again                                 1:42

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  1. Este disco está excelente, lo podrían volver a subir?