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Hoy les comparto estos 4 Discomixer piratas, muy aceptables en la Gran Época Disco , disfrutenlos Amigos.
De su siempre Amigo Rodolfo Marbán desde Acapulco Gro, México.

Black-Out 1  (1981)

Label:           Not On Label (Black-Out Series)
Format:        Vinyl,12",33 RPM,Single Sided, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Country:       Italy
Released:     1981
Genre:         Funk / Soul
Style:          Funk, Disco
Credits:       Mixed By Dj Devil Dee
Quality:       128 Kbps


01.-     The Real Thing             - She's A Groovy Freak         
02.-     Lax                              - All My Love         
03.-     Frankie Smith               - Double Dutch Bus         
04.-     Narada Michael Walden - I Want You         
05.-     Glen Adams Affair         - Just A Groove         
06.-     Geraldine Hunt              - Can't Fake The Feeling         
07.-     Kool & The Gang           - Love Festival         
08.-     Instant Funk                 - Everybody         
09.-     Vernon Burch               - Fun City         
10.-     Skyy                            - Superlove         
11.-     Skyy                            - Here's To You         
12.-     Bar-Kays                     - Boogie Body Land         
13.-     The Reddings              - Funkin On The One

This is an one sided release,but the record exists with also 2 sides of the same
medley. Produced and mixed at BLACK-OUT Discoteque (Mestre-Venezia) ITALY.


Black-Out 2  (1982)

Label:             Not On Label (Black-Out Series)
Format:          Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Country:         Italy
Released:       1982
Genre:           Funk / Soul
Style:            Funk, Disco
Credits:        Mixed By Dj Devil Dee
Quality:        160 Kbps

        Tracklist :

A1.1     Daryl Hall & John Oates  - I Can't Go For That        
A1.2     Imagination                   - So Good So Right        
A1.3     Mona Rae                     - Do Me        
A1.4     Kool & The Gang           - Get Down On It        
A1.5     War                             - You Got The Power        
A1.6     Unknown Artist              - Untitled        
A1.7     Blue Feather                 - Let's Funk Tonight        
A1.8     Yvonne Gage                - Garden Of Eve        
A1.9     Blue Feather                 - Let's Funk Tonight        
A1.10     Lamont Dozier             - Shout About It        
A1.11     Unknown Artist            - Untitled        
A1.12     Brandi Wells                - Watch Out        
A1.13     The Brooklyn, Bronx &
        Queens Band                    - On The Beat        
A1.14     Weeks & Co.               - Rock Your World


Broadway - 1  (1980)

Label:          Disco '80 Records Inc.
Format:       Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Country:      Italy
Released:   1980
Genre:        Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style:         Funk, Disco
Credits:      Mixed By Jonathan (Uncredited)
Quality:      320 Kbps

        Tracklist :

       Lado A y B tienen la misma mezcla, y contiene las siguientes canciones:

o1.-   Curtis Blow                                    - Rappin Blow
o2.-   Sugar Hill Gang                              - Rappers Delight
o3.-   Vaughan Mason And Crew - Bounce - Rock Skate Roll
o4.-   Lipps Inc.                                      - Funky Town
o5.-   Quick                                            - We Ought To Be Dancin
o6.-   Instant Funk                                  - Slap Slap Lickedy Lap
o7.-   Raydio                                          - For Those Who Like The Groove
o8.-   Crown Heights Affair                      - Sure Shot
o9.-   Brothers Johnson                           - Light Up The Night
10.-   Peter Brown                                  - Do It To Me
11.-   Jerry Knight                                  - Overknight Sensation
12.-   Brothers Johnson                          - Stomp
13.-   Cameo                                        - On The One
14.-   Crown Heights Affair                    - You Gave Me Love
15.-   Whispers                                     - And The Beat Goes On
16.-   Dan-I                                          - Monkey Shop
17.-   Delegation                                    - Put A Little Love On Me
18.-   Billy Ocean                                   - Stay The Night
19.-   Stacy Lattissaw                            - Jump To The Beat


Broadway 2 (Edited Version) 1982

Label:            Not On Label – 1955
Format:         Vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Country:        Italy
Released:      1982
Genre:           Funk / Soul
Style:            Soul, Funk, Disco
Credits:         Mixed By (Uncredited) Dj .Jonathan
Quality:         192 Kbps

       Tracklist :

A1.-   The Rolling Stones     - Emotional Resque        
A2.-   Queen                      - Another One Bites The Dust        
A3.-   Jimmy "Bo" Horne      - Is It In        
A4.-   J.R. Funk                  - Get Up Party Time
A5.-   Kurtis Blow               - The Breaks        
A6.-   Unknown Artist          - Unknown Song
A7.-   Ottawan                   - D.I.S.C.O
A8.-   Capricorn                 - Capricorn
A9.-   Kat Mandu                - Don't Stop Keep On
A10.-  George Benson        - Off Broadway
A11.-  The S.O.S. Band      - Take Your Time
A12.-  Change                   - Angel In My Pocket
A13.-  Young & Company   - I Like What Your Doing To Me
A14.-  Unknown Artist        - Unknown Song

       Notes : This is the second record mixed By Dj .Jonathan,the first is
               Broadway -1  (1980)


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